Cory Jackson

Hi, Cory. I loved you on The Voice, but I really loved you and your talented band when you played at the Johnny Cash Heritage Festival last year. You really won over the crowd and had everyone clapping and supporting you. The first time we met was when Gov. Hutchison announced that Arkansas' two statues in the Hall of Statues in our nation's capital would be replaced by one of Johnny Cash and one of Daisy Gaston Bates, a civil rights icon -- both AR natives. I hope that your career continues to bring you acclaim and support from all over the country. I'll be watching! (Sorry, you asked for questions. Ok, whose music are you listening to these days?)

Cory Jackson responded on 08/10/2020

Wow... thank yo so much for your kind words. It truly means so much! I was so honored to be a part of the statues being announced, and the Johnny Cash Heritage Festival. Both of those things were so amazing!!

Great question... I am actually listening to a lot of music right now... but today I mainly listened to a guy name Kenny Foster, and I listened to (what is out of) Josh Turners newest cover song album. Both AMAZING!! What about you?!

-Cory Jackson

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